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About Us

Game Source Entertainment 亞洲遊戲娛樂公司 (GSE)

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We are the well-known Video Games distributer / Wholesaler & dealer: Game Source Entertainment (GSE) in Hong Kong.


 Company established.


 To develop China market.


 Move to Lai Chi Kok Kowloon Plaza, and start develop Asia market.


 To get Bethesda Game Studios Hong Kong Distributor.

 Become iTunes &Google Play Authorized Partner.


 To get Warner Bros. Games Hong Kong Distributor.


 To get H2 Interactive Hong Kong Distributor.

 Become Logitech HK Distributor.

 Become Hori HK Distributor.


 To get Rebellion Asia Distributor.

 To get Team17 Digital Limited Asia Distributor.

 Become THQ Nordic HK Distributor.


 Move to new address: HK Lai Chi Kok Global Gateway Tower.

 Become SEGA HK Distributor.

 To get D3 Publisher HK Distributor.

 To get Arc system works HK Distributor.

 To get Nippon Ichi Software HK Distributor.

 To get Compile Heart (CFK publish) HK Distributor.

 To get kalypso Media HK Distributor.

 To get Sonnori (Justdan publish) HK Distributor.

 To get Mergegames HK Distributor.

 To get Microids (H2 publish) HK Distributor.


 Due to the rapid development of science and technology in recent years,
the development of video games has  also seen rapid growth and popularity.
In view of the growing market demand for games,
we keep abreast of times and constantly introduce new products into the Hong Kong market.
We hope to provide customers with the best quality service and products.

Major Business

Professional Team

Related Partnership

Service Network

Future Orientation

Major Business 

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Our company mainly distribute and surrogate all the video game products, including Nintendo SwitchWiiU3DSSony PlayStation3/4/Portable/VitaMicrosoft Xbox One/360PC and many other of game consolegaming softwareaccessoriesGift Card products (iTunes / Google Play / STEAM etc....) & virtual game products (for example: CD-Key etc.). 


l   Surrogate games which is published/ promote & distributed in Hong Kong;

l   We got a great relationship with Greater China same industries(company/publisher/distributer);

l   To raise the reputation & popularization of the products;

l   Sales channel can cover  normal game store / large-scale chain store/ department store/ services partners (For example: Telecommunications Company/ network System Company / playground etc.) / and all the popular Online Shop and many others;

l   Surrogate (or surrogated before) and do the exclusive sales: SEGA, Nippon Ichi software, D3 Publisher, Hori,  Complie Heart, Bethesda, Warner Bros Games, kalyso Media, Rebellion, Arc System Works, H2 interactive ,Logitech, iTunes, Google Play, STEAM.........   


Professional Team:



From sales, purchase, products display & logistics transport are all from our professional team in charge. We will fight for the game industries/distributors’ products to own their market position in Greater China, to make a Win-Win situation between company and game industries.

l   Professional and great sales team, they all caring about all the customers from their ordering to the products given to them, bring a good relationship between customers and us. 

l   Professional PM are all familiar with the gaming market, to formulate a sales plan with all the products.

l   Professional purchaser are good in (Cantonese, Putonghua, English, and Japanese), keep travelling around the world and alternate with different customers.

l   PR Team keep a good relationship with every media and KOL, and make the products to expose.

l   Designer Team can design all set of print media/promotion sets and the gifts of the products.

l   Professional logistics team have a fast speed bring the products to the sales market.

l   Stores use computerized system management, capable of handling large shipments, but also have 24-hour security monitoring.



Related Partnership:  


The following brands are all the cooperative partner related to our company:

(All titles, content, publisher names, trademarks, artwork, and associated imagery are trademarks and/or copyright material of their respective owners.)

(Listed in no particular order) 

 google-play.png  itunes.png
Logos/SEGA.png Logos/Arc_System_Works_logo.png Logos/傑仕登.png 1-station-games.jpg
Logos/COMPILE HEART.png  Logos/日本一.png warner-bros.png
 d3.png Logos/Falcom.png 
 Logos/H2 2.jpg minecraft.png
Logos/sonnori_ci.pngbethesda-game-studios.png hori.gif
logitechg.png Logos/MOOV.png
 kkbox.png microsoft.jpg
 dobe.jpg zenimax.png
Logos/Dotemu B.png Logos/Troma.png
wired-productions.png kalypso-black.png
 Logos/mimimi.png Logos/Piranha Bytes.png facebook.png Logos/Thq-Nordic.png
 Logos/Frontier.png Logos/Global.png
 Logos/Haemimont Games.png Logos/Idea Factory.png
Logos/Motorhead.png steam.png
 Logos/T17.png rebellion-developments.png


Logos/巴哈姆特.jpg Logos/Apple Daily.png
 Logos/E-Sport Up.png  e-zone.png
 Logos/Fami通.jpg Logos/Game Base.png

 Logos/Game Weekly.png

 geme.png  great-game.png
 hk01.png Logos/PCM.png
playit.hk.png Logos/UCG.png Logos/零製作.jpg
 unwire.hk.png vj-gamer.png
Logos/數碼捕籠.png esportfun.png


Serivce Network:

We got a perfect sales network around China, Macau, Singapore and Tai Wan.

Also, our sales marketing area can be found throughout in Asia different countries (Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, China [Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an, Wuhan, Chengdu, Chongqing], Malaysia, Singapore, Southeast , Asia Thailand, South Korea, the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia) and Europe and the United States and other regions. 


Future Orientation:


We are all being an energetic team. We will use our best effort to deal with video game companies. And we hope we can do our best in the game industries. In future, we will bring more and more potential product’s surrogate and distribute.