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《Aven Colony》EU Version XBoxOne & PS4 Sale in 25th July【HK Distributor: GSE 】

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Aven Colony

It is the story of the first settlement of the human settlements in the Milky Way after the world, the player landed a strange planet - Ai Wenxing - in this exotic planet, players play decision makers in the construction of infrastructure and ensure the well-being of the people , Manage your resources, and further guide your colonies to move forward and face the cruelty and danger of different worlds.

Players will face the biggest challenge here, that is, in addition to how to maintain the people's happiness, to feed the people, to provide them with enough job opportunities, entertainment and even shopping channels, etc., there must be to ensure that they are not threatened by the planet The Players have to formulate social policies, which may affect the welfare of the people and the support of the players, the whole future of the colonies will be handed in your hands.The game uses a wealth of simulation systems, including resource collection and management, technical research, food production, manufacturing and development of goods, various trade, social policy and incentive morale. The game will have dozens of unique features and different influence of the building, but also to provide day and night circulation system and seasonal seasonal changes. 

On Avon, players may face extraneous alien invasions or foreign infections, as well as extreme environmental threats such as lightning, dust storms, hurricanes, plagues, geothermal attacks, and so on. In addition, players can get alien relics in the game, and learn how to use their power to build a better environment, while understanding the story behind Ai Wenxing hidden.

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- PS4 Version
- XBoxOne Version

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