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China's first PS4 physical version of the game

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Hong Kong GSE will be sold in Hong Kong agents from China's famous independent game studio MegaFun Game Ltd production, Gamepoch Inc issued the《Hidden Dragon Legend: Shadow Trace》,it's for the Chinese manufacturers of the first PS4 physical version of the game, the game for the Chinese martial arts horizontal version of the action game, will be available in August 2017.To celebrate the Chinese manufacturers of the first PS4 physical version of the game for sale, the first "PS4 hidden dragon pass: movie" version of all the first limited edition, with the game with PS4 dedicated DLC, original painting set and acoustic CD, the proposed price Only for sale HKD 188.
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(Simplified Chinese packaging, the actual shipping for the traditional Chinese packaging)

- Synopsis 
In the first year of heaven, Wu Zetian won the power, ascended the throne for the emperor. In order to consolidate her regime, she was at the age of herself, but she began to fear the face of death, and she was eager to seek immortality. At this point, the long and the Western region of the Tibetan forces of Wang Xiaojie expedition, accidental seizure of days outside the meteorite and its dedicated to Wu Huang. Wu Huang immediately set up a secret organization, code [Yao], ordered to create an artifact outside the meteorite [Long tripod], specially developed the immortality of the medicine, but unfortunately the regime was overthrown, [Yao] also with the emperor died Disappear in history.
Until many years later, [Yao] with artifacts [Long Ding] to reproduce the rivers and lakes, and around the search odd people Yi Shi, as its old drug experiment experimental products. Countless rivers and lakes martial art was tragically murder, rivers and lakes set off a reign of terror.
The protagonist Lu Tianyuan has also become one of the experimental products, in order to resolve the hidden body of the unknown medicine, he must seize the hands of [Yao] [Long Ding], with a sword against enemies, step on the road full of killing and conspiracy.
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- Game features
This is different from the ordinary version of the game, the story and story development is no longer a bullet-style subtitles account, and the use of the new PBR technology production, through many comparable to the film level of real-time calculus animation to illustrate, Well-known music team tailored game music and personal role dubbing. In addition to the left side of the game in the left and right direction, but also joined the third axis with a vertical, increase the three-dimensional sense of the game space, fighting the screen has also carefully designed gorgeous 3D close-up, to the players bring visual and auditory Enjoy, so as to enhance the player's sense of the plot into the story.
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(The picture is simplified Chinese, the actual game for the traditional Chinese subtitles)

- Combat System
Players can use a variety of different weapons, through a variety of skills combinations and weapons switching, and then with different special abilities and kill Italy skills, you can experience the fun of gorgeous fighting picture.
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- Game screen
The game uses the new Unreal Engine 4 engine production, the stunning picture quality and smooth combat experience to the players. In the early stages of the game, invites Chinese master painter - Nguyen good to participate in game development, for the game laid a unique Chinese-style art foundation.
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